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Almatis constructing new Tabular Alumina plant in Falta, West Bengal to fuel Asia Growth Strategy
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Jul. 25, 2018 - As demand for Tabular Alumina expands with India’s refractory requirements, Almatis is committed to support and enhance our customers’ success with quality alumina products and excellent service. A positive outlook for Indian produced steel, leveraged by growing GDP and per capita steel consumption requires premium alumina for longer refractory life.

“Almatis is committed to providing continuous support to the Indian refractory industry,” Emre Timurkan, Almatis’ CEO said. He assured the market that, “Almatis is on a path of rapid construction to satisfy our customers’ increasing demand for high quality Tabular Alumina.”

Operating since 1995, Almatis’ India business is based in Falta with a processing plant that has been growing steadily. Now with this forthcoming, world-class facility, Almatis will expand with integrated manufacturing line in India with Tabular Alumina converters installed. This investment will enable shorter lead times and a further improvement of flexibility from a plant in the proximity of our Indian and Asian customers.

Almatis India General Manager, Sarit Kundu, who’s responsible for execution of this strategic project, affirmed Almatis’ commitment: “Quality and delivery are of prime importance to Almatis. This upcoming Falta India Tabular Alumina production facility would meet the needs of our valued Indian customers and provide supply security for this growing market”.

About Almatis
With more than 100 years of alumina expertise, Almatis is the world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of premium alumina and alumina-based products. As a fully integrated, global alumina producer, Almatis serves its customers with 1,450 employees from sixteen strategically located sales, research and manufacturing sites. Almatis offers the most comprehensive alumina product portfolio in the industry, including: tabular aluminas, calcined and reactive aluminas, polishing aluminas, calcium aluminate cements, brown sintered alumina, spinels and others. Across our core markets—refractories, ceramics and polishing - our products are used in a wide variety of industries including iron and steel, cement, non-ferrous metal, ceramic, automotive, polishing and electronics. Previously part of Alcoa, Almatis is owned since September 2015 by OYAK, the first and largest private pension fund in Turkey.

About OYAK
OYAK is the first and largest private pension fund in Turkey and a leading holding group with strategic investments in profitable and growth sectors. OYAK has c. 290,000 members and a workforce of approximately 28,000 employees. Through the ownership of Erdemir, OYAK is the largest steel producer in terms of capacity in Turkey and third largest in Europe. OYAK is one of the largest players in construction materials in Turkey and leads the market in the cement and concrete sector. Through its partnership with Renault since 1970s, OYAK is producing, exporting and distributing Renault vehicles in Turkey and has the largest market share of domestic passenger vehicle sales. Through its partnership with German energy group Steag, OYAK is producing 5% of Turkish electricity demand. Through ownership of Chemson Group and Akdeniz Kimya, OYAK is the global leader in the PVC stabilizer industry. In addition, there are several other subsidiaries in various key sectors including logistics, mining, agricultural chemicals and technology. For further information visit

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