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Almatis to expand its tabular alumina production capabilities at its Falta, India plant
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Almatis announces a major expansion of their Falta, India specialty alumina plant with the planned installation of a tabular alumina converter. This important backward integration investment will build on Almatis’ eighty-one years of experience producing tabular alumina.

Since initiating production in India in 1995, Almatis has built a leading position in supplying India's rapidly growing refractory, ceramic and polishing markets. To quickly improve the ability to serve the local Indian market, plant construction will begin soon. Once completed, the facility will competitively serve the growing Indian demand with a fully integrated, strong local presence.

“Making our Falta plant a fully backward integrated tabular production facility expands our tabular capacity and strategically locates production near a growing market that is very important to Almatis’ future,” said Almatis Chief Commercial Officer, Stefan Rieder, when announcing the expansion.

With the expansion, all Almatis global environmental and quality management systems will be in place to assure high quality products, delivery reliability and social responsibility.

“The Indian market has always expressed their appreciation for the Premium Alumina that Almatis delivers,” said Commercial Director India, Sarbapi Mukherjee. “Our alumina expertise is matched by our excellent local service and technical support capabilities. This expansion of our Falta plant will further enhance the customer experience with value added premium alumina, available at their doorstep.”

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